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no-charge-data-recovery-birmingham-alFree Evaluation

We offer a free evaluation of your hard drive unless it is clicking,  grinding, or scratching.  After a free evaluation, we can give you an accurate estimate of the approximate cost of recovery.  Most recoveries are under $200, and take less than 48 hours to recover your data.

No Data – No Charge

If we do not recover your data, you do not pay, it’s as simple as that.  Sometimes, we cannot recover your data, despite all of our best efforts, the media is damaged too extensively, or the structure of the data is unrecognizable to the point of being unreadable.  In these few cases, we do not charge for our time.  In other cases, the hard drive requires physical repair, and in those cases, we would refer you to a repair facility with a clean-room environment.


Data Recovery
is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, wrecked or inaccessible primary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Data can be recovered from any media that is is recorded on, hence the diversity found in the industry. At Vulcan Data, we currently recover data from the following types of media:

  • Hard Drives – PCs, notebooks, laptops, DVR’s
  • Mobile Devices – phones, PIM’s, Blackberry’s, and any hand-held devices equipped with flash drives, SD cards, and other flash memory
  • Cameras – any recording device that is equipped with flash memory
  • Thumb Drives and memory sticks

How do I know when my hard drive has failed?


Birmingham hard drive data recovery specialists

hard drive repair - Birmingham al

We specialize in recovering your data from hard-drives, due to damaged sectors, bad blocks, corrupt file tables and damaged file systems.  These damages are the result of viruses, overheating, voltage problems, and the wear that occurs naturally from disks that constantly spin at 7200 RPMs for hours every day.  Hard drives are like tires, they wear out.  Unlike tires however, it is really hard to tell when your drive is about to blow.  To avoid this disaster, you need to prepare by making regularly scheduled and automated backups.  The truth is, we should not be in business.  If everyone was educated as to proper procedure for backing up their data, we would be doing something else.

What data can be recovered?

Many people assume when their computer cannot recognize the drive, that all data is lost. Many people assume that a clicking drive is beyond repair. Many people assume if they cannot see the data, that it is not there. All these assumptions are wrong. It is extremely easy to lose data, people do it every day. It is much harder to retrieve lost files and data after damage is done to file systems, partitions, and physical structures on the disk. These recovery techniques are hard, but not impossible. We still have a 92% success rate on most drives that come into the shop.

What does it cost for data recoverycheap hard drive data recovery birmingham alabama

Evaluations are free, we will examine your drive and let you know an approximate cost to recover your data. Typically the cost of data recovery runs between $90-225, on average, plus any return media needed (unless you provide external USB drives – no charge) For larger drives costs will increase as the GB’s increase, due to increased time needed to perform the recovery. If your drive makes any unusual noise (clicking, grinding, whining) this may also increase the costs.

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