Birmingham Data Recovery

While most companies that offer data recovery services in Birmingham ship your hard drive to a third party, we do all the work right here in Birmingham.  Since 2005, we have serviced the southeast to recover pictures and critical data from crashed and damaged hard drives and flash media.

What we do

We repair corrupt file systems on storage media in order to COPY the missing data to a new file system (hard drive) and return the new media to the customer.  Occasionally we recover RAW files when the file system has extensive damage.  If the drive is physically damaged, we use a 3rd party repair shop to repair mechanics or electronics.  This is rarely the case and we always discuss this option before using 3rd parties.

data recovery birmingham alHow much does it cost?

Typically the process takes less than a week, depending on the extent of damage and size of the drive, and most cases cost between $200-400.  We accept cash, check and credit/debit, and we also provide return media if needed. More details on Payment and Policy click HERE

Why does this happen?

hard drive repair birminghamAll forms of data storage decay over time, and become corrupt for a variety of reasons.  Spinning hard drives have a multitude of failure points despite being one of the most cost-effective and efficient forms of storage today.  Imagine the problem of long-term storage, and look at the Dead-Sea Scrolls – written on the very best storage medium of the day.  How rare the survival is of documents of that era.  Or the Rosetta Stone – pretty good condition for the same approximate age, yet we are never gonna carry that around easily.

So the best solution to prevent data loss is to keep multiple, automated copies.  Automated backups are the ONLY way to ensure keeping your crucial files, pictures, documents long term.  All customers receive a thorough briefing on automating backup, to prevent data failure in the future.