Affordable hard-drive & thumb drive data recovery in Birmingham AL


data recovery in Birmingham AlData Recovery

This is the primary service we offer to the public, and the most often requested help we give.  When your computer does not boot up, or you get the blue screen of death, or a message on a black screen, you will need a data recovery.   We offer data recovery at 1/3 the cost typically associated with the service.  We also provide same day and 48 hour service, compared to weeks, and shipping to someone and somewhere you don’t know.

Data Retrieval

hard drive recovery Birmingham alSometimes your computer just dies.  You lose the power-supply, the circuit board dies, or a dead video card prevents you from retrieving your data from a computer that is too old to fix (or cheaper to replace than fix).  This is our second most common service.  Retrieval is the act of removing a function, non-damaged  drive from a non-working or un-used machine to retrieve the data, files, pictures, and documents to use on a new machine.  This service is hourly based, and usually runs $45-90, plus any return media needed (unless provided).

external-hard-driveData Backup

Data backup is the act of making a secondary copy of your critical and important files, photos, documents and data.  The sad fact is, most people do not backup their data.  Even more sad, the people that make an attempt, don’t really know how to do a proper backup, and only find out after they have a failure, then they find out the back was not working, or was improperly setup.  We can setup a system to insure your data is backed up, and will email you when it it does not.  Also, an optional off-site backup system is available for the worst case scenario of fire/flood/theft, where any and all on-site technology is threatened.

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