Install a Free Anti-Virus Solution

There are many free anti-virus solutions on the market

We prefer Avast - Home Edition from an excellent alternative to the not-so-excellent Norton, McAffee, and others. In general, you must uninstall any existing antivrus software, download and install Avast, and run a system scan on reboot. Then register your software with Avast, so you can get regular updates and definitions. For step-by-step instruction, please read further.

How-To Remove/Replace Your Hard Drive

In the event of a crash, and data loss, you may need to remove your drive to send it to a data recovery shop. When this need arises in a desktop, or standard PC box, you can follow these general instructions as a guide to easy drive removal. Click images for detail

1. Turn off PC  
2. Open case to reveal inside (may be the hardest part)
3. Identify the drive identify hard drive
4. Remove drive cables remove cables
5. Remove screws remove screws
6. Remove Drive from slot/module/holder and case remove drives
7. Package properly for shipping data recovery package for shipping

How-To Determine if Data can be Recovered

So your drive has crashed, and you don't know how to determine if your disk still contains your important data? If you don't know, there is a 94% chance that any one drive still has all of it's data on it. The question becomes, do you know how to recover the data? More importantly, do you know who to call to recover your data?

How-To Leave AOL Behind

And join the rest of the WEB in a hassle-free information age

Many people still believe that AOL is the only way they can have Internet, and many times are too unsure about trying anything else. The truth is, that hi-speed Internet access is available to many of those people right now, at the same price as the dial-up service they are using. In addition, many folks are paying twice-once for the access, and once for AOL, and most of the time all they recieve is email. Well folks, the time has come for the truth about AOL.

Spyware Removal DIY

A few steps and tools to help identify and possibly eliminate e-bugs

Coming soon..... or visit the old site at

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